Social Change in the Brain Age

10-11 September 2015 | Pavia, Italy

We travelled to Pavia for this two-day workshop and symposium bringing together a diverse range of experts from philosophy and science, as well as public policy and creative industry, to discuss whether and how research on the mind can shed new light the age-old issue: how can we deliver positive social change?

The event featured a focused workshop with talks and commentaries on the meaning of evidence across the life and behavioural sciences, the mechanism and function of the social mind, and the view of human agency emerging from discussions of policy issues in the public sector. The workshop was followed by a symposium on the concept of ‘wellbeing’, and a public conversation on the ‘Brain in Social Action’.


Colin Blakemore (London); Romina Boarini (OECD, Paris); Ian Carter (Pavia); John Dupré (Exeter); Vittorio Gallese (Parma); Andrea Moro (IUSS, Pavia); Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus); Simone Schnall (Cambridge); Barry Smith (London); Dan Sperber (CEU, Budapest and IJN, Paris); Alex Willcock (VisualDNA); Jonathan Wolff (UCL).

Programme & Organisation

Social Change in the Brain Age was organized by the team of The Human Mind Project. An inclusive hub for the facilitation of interdisciplinary dialogue and enquiry, The Human Mind Project aims to define the major intellectual challenges facing research on the human mind.