Computers & Minds

21 November 2014 | Edinburgh

As part of the Being Human Festival of the Humanities, The Human Mind Project brought together leading academics to discuss research at the interface of philosophy, computational neuroscience, robotics and AI. How does the advent of computing and AI impact on the human mind?

A one day event held at the University of Edinburgh, specialist workshops explored computational theories of mind, the cognitive neuroscience of self-consciousness and body awareness, and the implications of the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

In the evening we welcomed Sethu Vijayakumar for a public demonstration of robotics, and Andy Clark on ‘Being and Computing: Are You Your Brain, and Is Your Brain a Computer?’.


Colin Blakemore (London), Andy Clark (Edinburgh), Frances Egan (Rutgers), Anil Seth (Sussex), Murray Shanahan (London), Aaron Sloman (Birmingham), Barry Smith (London), Sethu Vijayakumar (Edinburgh) and Andy Clark (Edinburgh).

Programme & Organisation

Computers & Minds was organized by the team of The Human Mind Project. An inclusive hub for the facilitation of interdisciplinary dialogue and enquiry, The Human Mind Project aims to define the major intellectual challenges facing research on the human mind.