Grand Challenges

Our public consultation invited people from across the higher education sector, and beyond, to contribute their Grand Challenge questions.

In innovative group workshops and experiments in collective decision-making, experts and participants are shaping the Grand Challenges at our events.


We’re producing recommendations for funders on new interdisciplinary research agendas and new funding styles.

What are the key questions facing research on the mind?


The Grand Challenges exercise is the first of its kind to be conducted across the mind and brain sciences. It is the central activity of The Human Mind Project and reflects our commitment to an interdisciplinary and collaborative future for research on the mind.

The Project has involved researchers from diverse academic disciplines in reaching a series of recommendations on what the major intellectual challenges in the study of the mind are, and how funders can support new styles of interdisciplinary research to address them.

Through expert consultation, public participation, and group conferencing and decision-making, the Grand Challenges aim to produce a methodologically and theoretically rich foundation for future funding and research.

The Grand Challenges became an integrated part of the events run by The Human Mind Project. Here are just a few images showing the Challenges in action!