The Mind in Practice

17 March 2017 | Google Campus London

The Mind in Practice was a unique event that brought together universities and industry to discuss how knowledge of the capacities and limitations of the human mind could facilitate innovative practice and productive partnerships across researchers, designers, and commercial organisations.

The mind is not just the object of academic speculation about what makes us human. From corporate storytelling to interaction design, machine learning and government apps, good technical innovation and good business depend on interacting minds creating value for the minds of their users. But how the design and implementation of new products and services is driven by knowledge about the mind continues to be an open question.


Alastair Somerville, Founder of Acuity Design

Barry Smith, Leadership Fellow AHRC Science in Culture & Director, Institute of Philosophy

Daniel Ospina, Conductal

Mattia Gallotti, Research Fellow & Manager, The Human Mind Project

Kate Hammer, Creator of StoryFORM

Kate Simmons, Head of Digital Experiences at Cancer Research UK

Lee Bryant, Post*Shift

A series of flash presentations from an exciting line-up of speakers opened the event. Each speaker shared a story of a ‘creation’ – presenting their product or service as a case study, and revealing their own intuitions and understandings about the mind. Presentations were followed by Lego Serious Play with Coralie Moore from Urban Playground Berlin.

The Mind in Practice was facilitated by Sarah Gillett. Sarah has led global, cross-sector digital projects, and she is now participating in the Laboratory of Dark Matters, a response by artists to scientific investigations into the nature of the universe.


In line with the mission of The Human Mind Project to provide an interactive hub for novel forms of debate and dialogue about the mind, The Mind in Practice was facilitated by Sarah Gillett and organized in collaboration with Abhay Adhikari. Sarah has lead global, cross-sector digital projects, while Abhay is the founder of Dhyaan Design. The Human Mind Project is led by Sir Colin Blakemore at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.