Theory of Mind & the Social Mind

16 September 2016 | Noto, Italy

The Human Mind Project joined the 2014 annual meeting of the European Society of Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP) in Noto for this symposium on the social mind.

Exploring how recent advances in social anthropology and neuroscience shed light on the social dimensions of the mind, the symposium looked at expanding our understanding of the theory of mind, and the nature of cognition more generally.

How does recent research on the ‘social mind’ allow us to reconsider debates in the theory of mind? And how does shared cognition and agency allow us to reimagine the human mind?


Rita Astuti (London) & Mina Cikara (Harvard).

Programme & Organisation

Theory of Mind & the Social Mind was organized by the team of The Human Mind Project for ESPP 2014. An inclusive hub for the facilitation of interdisciplinary dialogue and enquiry, The Human Mind Project aims to define the major intellectual challenges facing research on the human mind.